The Red String

Red StringBefore each U.S. election, I hold a Peace Meditation in my home for several friends. It is always a special time when we hold a powerful intention for the highest good and best possible outcome for our country. This year was especially important because the election “season” was so contentious.

In preparation, I had to replace a couple strings on my pedal harp before the gathering. One was a very long red string (lower octave).

A couple days after the meditation, I noticed the RED string was broken … again. This never happens and when I told one of the friends who was present at the meditation, she said, “Well, doesn’t that symbolize what just happened in the election?!!”

You draw your own conclusions … !


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Private Harp Therapy Practice

I exhibited at the North Central Healing Touch gathering in mid-March. To complete a certification in Healing Touch, the practitioners have to try 10 other complementary healing modalities. This gives them a sense of what else is “out there,” as well as determine where Healing Touch fits within the many alternatives.

In response to their need to experience all of these different modalities, I am now offering private harp therapy sessions. My private practice is now birthed! The sessions are 60 minutes for $75. I play my pedal harp so you definitely feel the vibrations firsthand. If you are interested in more information, e-mail me. I look forward to sharing this special therapy with you!

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