Getting Sleep in the Hospital … Really?!

My mom just had her second back surgery in 5 ½ months and both times she was hospitalized, she slept two hours during the night. The reason? Nurses laughing at their station and “yucking it up” in loud voices in the middle of the night, not closing her door with light streaming in … is this the best we can offer for helping patients sleep? Maybe  there needs to be a sign (like on hotel doors):  Shhhh! Sleep in progress.  Obviously, nurses need to check on patients and sometimes those interruptions wake up the patients, but we know sleep is so restorative and one of the key elements for healing. How can we do better?

My mom’s hospital experience has re-ignited my passion to bring peace and calm, relaxation and sleep to our healthcare system. It’s a big job (!) but someone has to do it … I am on it!!! I always feel like an important part of my work in hospitals is to help people relax and if they fall asleep while I play, I take that as the highest compliment. I know then that I’ve done my best work! Whether it’s playing live or getting my CDs onto the hospital’s closed-circuit TV system or getting the PlayAway into hospitals across the country, I’m on a mission!  Contact me if you want to help your healthcare system move to greater peace and healing. I look forward to connecting…


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