Freedom Quote

FreedomWe have come across a plethora of quotes and love sharing them because they make us think and definitely inspire. This time, we want to share what Marilyn Ferguson said, “Ultimately, we know deeply that the other side of every fear is a freedom.”

Is this timely right now or what?!! Is U.S. politics based on fear or freedom? Does it make a difference who is the “leader” at the helm?

We are also aware that if you feel fear, music (especially the harp!!) can help you go to that scary place to feel it and release it, moving into freedom. Here’s to your freedom…!


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Turning 30…

That’s when I started playing the harp … really! (If I told you how many years I’ve been playing, I would tell you my age!!) I was in a painful place in my life and gave myself harp lessons for my 30th birthday. I hadn’t ever given myself a gift before turning 30, but that year it was really important for my heart.

I love to share this story when I speak, hoping it inspires others to learn something new and follow their dreams. I’ve had many people come up to me afterwards and say, “You inspired me. I’ve always wanted to __(fill in the blank)___ and even though I’m long-past 30, I want to make my dream come true.”

What do you dream of learning? Regardless of your age, now is the time!!


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