MedicalI love to walk in my neighborhood, especially this time of year. And many days, I coordinate with my neighbor who is a home care nurse. When we walk together, we also talk … and a whole bunch of topics are covered!!

Recently, we were walking and my neighbor was de-briefing her day of visiting patients. (I don’t think this is an easy job, visiting with them for 20 minutes, then battling traffic and the weather to get to the next patient and do it all over … all day long.)

As we were walking by one of the houses in our neighborhood, a woman was standing outside and she said, “Excuse me! Are one of you women a doctor?” My friend said, “I’m a nurse, not a doctor. Do you need help?” The other woman said she wanted to show something, so she slightly slid down her neckline. She had an open sore and the nurse replied, “Oh, I suggest you go to the ER and they will give you some antibiotics and salve for your wound.”

We continued walking but I thought (although I didn’t say anything) … really?! How about some Vitamin E for tissue repair and anti-scarring, essential oils for infection control/healing, and using the Healing Touch technique of ultrasound. Obviously, I’m not a nurse, but I found it fascinating that both of us immediately went to our “healing toolboxes” … hers of traditionality and mine of au naturel. Who was right? I’d suggest both of us … and I am awaiting and very much looking forward to the day of both consumers and the medical world “getting,” appreciating and recommending the wide array of possibilities to promote the healing journey. I continue to envision this occurring sooner rather than later … bring it on!!



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Tapping“Take a day to heal from the lies you’ve told yourself and the ones that have been told to you.” ~Maya Angelou

I recently came across this powerful quote and it reminded me of something I’ve recently been exploring … tapping! (not toe tapping, but tapping on seven points on the head and upper body area).

The whole point of tapping is to “rid” our body/mind/spirit of any negative messages, just as the Angelou quote says. I have found tapping to be a profound healing experience! If you would like more information, here’s two resources:  Nick Ortner of the Tapping Solution and Margaret Lynch.

In a nutshell, tapping helps move us out of our Reptilian brain and into our executive brain (pre-frontal cortex). It also helps us relax and feel calm to make even better decisions. Doesn’t all of that sound awesome?!! Can you see why I’m enjoying this new experience of learning to tap?!!


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Announcing a New Retreat!

imagesI am excited to announce a new retreat called “The Gift of Divine Anointing with Angelic Harp Vibrations.”

Co-facilitated with Catherine Mullaney, you will experience the gift of Divine Anointing – heartfelt prayer, meditation, healing and holy oil treatment with therapeutic harp vibrations – during this day-long retreat.

Each of the 12 oils of ancient Scripture unifies you with your Divine Creator and nature. Cathy and I will share information about each of the oils’ healing properties and practical applications. We will also discuss how these 12 oils can bring comfort and hope to you and your loved ones. The addition of my harp music orchestrates the vibrations and frequencies to intensify this healing experience, bringing peace and reverence to the day.

This retreat is a sacred time. Plan for profound blessings and insights, inner peace, beauty, love and soul nourishment. All love-based spiritual paths are invited to attend.

The price is $125/person with a limit of 30 people per retreat. We will be hosting retreats on May 7, July 16, September 17, October 22 and November 12. Come join us! Click here for more information.


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It’s BioMat Time!

Occasionally, I post a blog entry about the BioMat – a product that I love and rep! Now that the evenings are getting cooler and winter is fast approaching, it feels like a great time to mention it again … and it is also a perfect holiday gift for yourself and those you love!

The BioMat is an unusual triad of elements and this chart lists the benefits that go along with each element:

BioMat Element: Health Benefits
Amethyst Detoxification
Infrared Heat Heats from the inside-out and opens up our circulation
Negative Ions Make us feel good!

Of course, the product does so much more, but this is a short, easy-to-digest summary of its powerful healing potential.

Click here for more information.



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A Wonderful “Small World” Story!

Small WorldIn early June, a life-long family friend from Weiser, ID, was diagnosed with cancer. It has touched all of our family and we continue to send healing thoughts and prayers to her.

About a month after her diagnosis, I had some friends stay with me from Kansas City. They had driven from KC to Portland, OR and were stopping in Minneapolis as they drove through on their way to Madison, WI.

I asked them about all of their adventures and they mentioned they’d stayed in a B & B in Weiser, ID. It was just “flucky” that they even mentioned it. I, then, told them about our family friend who’s been diagnosed with cancer. They mentioned that they had had a long talk with the purveyor of the B & B about someone who was recently diagnosed with cancer. I wondered if it could possibly be the same person, but what are the chances?!

We went to a restaurant for dinner and after we got back to my home, I said, “Do you think it would be possible to call the B & B owner and ask who is her friend with cancer?” We called and sure enough, it was the same person!!  Small world and such an amazing coincidence…


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Is music making a comeback?

Harp ConcertWell, the question implies that music “went down.” We’re all aware that while sports programs are uber-funded in our schools, music and the arts can be under-funded, and in some cases, even completely diminished.

The good news:  I see music getting some excellent attention and kudos these days! For example:  it is not unusual for 60 Minutes, a very popular TV show, to air something about music or a particular musician. And have you checked on Facebook, a super popular social media platform for our generation? Almost daily, I see at least one post about how music helped someone.

So, perhaps it’s two things:  1) yes, music is making a comeback, and 2) it is being re-purposed, used more and more for healing. I vote yes!!


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Your Birthstone

Peridot CrystalI’ve been a member of the Holistic Chamber of MN for the past several months and have really enjoyed the networking, connections and speakers.

Last month, our table won a contest and the prize was small jars of various crystals. The one that “spoke to me” was my birthstone of peridot. It is a light green color and here’s some highlights of its properties:  Peridot is associated with the heart chakra and can be used to balance and stimulate that chakra. It is a stone of compassion. It has a friendly energy and is excellent for healing. It assists in rebirth and renewal of all kinds. Peridot also brings abundance and prosperity. It makes a shield of protection around the wearer and it resonates with the frequency of increase … a stone for manifestation of all desired things. Known as a stone for prosperity and happiness, it is an important stone for cellular rejuvenation.

What is your birthstone? Do you know the properties of it? It might be fun to explore this!!


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November “Out and About”

November is always a busy month with holiday preparations and I am excited to be “out and about” sharing the message of hope, healing and stress reduction.

  • November 10 – “Musical Harp Reflections of Peace and Gratitude,” Health and Wellness Concert, City Hall Ballroom, 205 West Center Street, 2nd floor in Lake City, MN, 2-4 p.m.
  • November 14 – “Reflections for Your Grieving Heart,” The Compassionate Friends at Beaver Lake Lutheran Church, 2280 Stillwater Ave E. Maplewood, MN, 7 p.m.

Join us if you are available…


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Music and Mystery

The Western model of medicine is based on research and medical technology. This is positive and gives us a certain baseline of professionalism from medical staff (doctors and nurses) and comfort about caring for our health.

Is there research about music and its positive effects? Yes! An excellent “primer” of research information about music and healing is Don Campbell’s “The Mozart Effect.” This book is filled with documentation about music and its impact in a variety of situations and with a multitude of illnesses/diseases.

That said, I have seen again and again that there’s a mystery to the healing power of music. Miraculous things happen while I play the harp at the hospital and hospice bedside. Sometimes, it can’t be explained … there’s no research, no evidence, no reason “why.” It is a mystery, a mystical experience. Music helps create sacred space, a healing environment. We may never understand exactly how/why it works … that’s part of the mystery. And part of our human experience is about living in the mystery, allowing it to just be.

Let’s not discount these amazingly beautiful experiences just because they are anecdotal and without “data.” It really is about integrating the mystery with evidence-based medicine … now, that’s Mind/Body/Spirit healing!


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Getting Sleep in the Hospital … Really?!

My mom just had her second back surgery in 5 ½ months and both times she was hospitalized, she slept two hours during the night. The reason? Nurses laughing at their station and “yucking it up” in loud voices in the middle of the night, not closing her door with light streaming in … is this the best we can offer for helping patients sleep? Maybe  there needs to be a sign (like on hotel doors):  Shhhh! Sleep in progress.  Obviously, nurses need to check on patients and sometimes those interruptions wake up the patients, but we know sleep is so restorative and one of the key elements for healing. How can we do better?

My mom’s hospital experience has re-ignited my passion to bring peace and calm, relaxation and sleep to our healthcare system. It’s a big job (!) but someone has to do it … I am on it!!! I always feel like an important part of my work in hospitals is to help people relax and if they fall asleep while I play, I take that as the highest compliment. I know then that I’ve done my best work! Whether it’s playing live or getting my CDs onto the hospital’s closed-circuit TV system or getting the PlayAway into hospitals across the country, I’m on a mission!  Contact me if you want to help your healthcare system move to greater peace and healing. I look forward to connecting…


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