Happy New Year from Musical Reflections!

Happy New YearHappy New Year!

There’s been a lot of hype about 2020. And perhaps for good reason! I was recently listening to a healer and she mentioned the number “2” is about creativity. The year 2020 is powerful because it is a double “2”! Further, the “0” is open space and also a circle, with no beginning or ending. And of course, 2020 is a double “0,” as well. What will be your creative activity for the New Year?

Besides the actual numbers, we are also aware that humanity is taking on and holding much more light in our bodies than ever before in our existence. How exciting is that?! We are ramping up to really do what we came here to do. Again, isn’t that amazing?! What a time we are living in!

So, all of this points us to 2020 is going to be an exciting and interesting year ahead. Stay tuned and hang on for the wild ride!


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Virtual Harp Summit 1 and 2

Virtual Harp SummitIn late February, one of my fellow harp therapists called to order a BioMat. In our conversation, she asked, “Are you going to ‘attend’ the Virtual Harp Summit (VHS) 2?” I had to admit I didn’t even know what she was talking about!! She explained that this was the second one and it was going to be about harp techniques. (The first VHS was focused on creativity and expression.) In total, both VHSs were 35+ harpists from all around the world and it was a wonderful training “from the living room.” My friend who called was definitely “attending” the second one. During the week when the Summit is “live,” the sessions are free; after that, it is $97 to have access to the trainings in perpetuity.

I signed up and completed both VHS 1 and 2 – what a fabulous experience! All told, it was approximately 50 hours of lessons, trainings and house concerts. To get to hear all these masters from around the world perform was simply amazing!!

It inspired many ideas … stay tuned to watch for more information!


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Another Thought-Provoking Quote

QuotesFor the past few weeks (off and on), we have focused on quotes. It was Jerry Garcia who said, “What’s the music that only you can play?”

So … what do you think about yourself and your life as you reflect on this quote? Even if you aren’t a musician, do you have a creative outlet that only you can do? What is it?

Amidst all the craziness of these times, going inward to explore our creativity and bringing it out into the open can be incredibly nurturing and great for our souls! And when I ask a question of you, I must also reflect on it! My “music” is definitely connected to the harp, but also writing blogs and books and important social advocacy letters. My other “creative flow activity” is holding space for and sending energy to our planet during these very confusing times. In many ways, my “music” feels bigger than just music and songs and lyrics, but rather it is connected to love. I know only I can love the planet in my own special way … and that’s true for all of my readers, too. Be sure to “play your music” and love our planet with a perfect brand of you!


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Featuring Wonderful Quotes

QuoteOver the years we’ve come across many wonderful quotes and in this blog, that’s what we’ll focus on for the next couple months.

The first one is by Oliver Wendell Holmes, “Most people go to their graves with their music still inside them.” Perhaps you have heard this before … it’s a great time to reflect and ponder what this means.

Perhaps in this quote “Music” has the broadest meaning possible. If you are a musician, then yes, it means music, songs, lyrics, etc. And if you aren’t a musician, what is your creativity – your “music” – that needs to be manifested and shared with the world? Is it your time now?

Please don’t wait … the world likely needs exactly what you have to offer. And I’ll continue to offer my musical gifts so that I don’t go to my grave without expressing it to the world!


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Have harp, will travel!

One of my great joys is to take a road trip with my harp. Over the summer, I went to Madison and Milwaukee, WI, and Chicago, IL … it was a mix of concerts, conferences, retreats and educational sessions. One of the women I stayed with took me to a fun coffee shop and the photo above is how my drink was served to me – with a heart and flower!!  What a great example of being creative, caring about customers, adding beauty in a unique way and paying special attention to details. Loved every minute!!


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