Female Cottonwood Trees

Female Cottonwood TreeWhenever I exhibit at various conferences/events/shows, one of the fun things is to visit the other exhibit tables. I usually do this while the conference attendees are in session.

Recently, I was exhibiting at the Healing Beyond Borders conference and one of the other vendors was American Holistic Nurses Association. On their table, they had little, approximately three inch branches of female cottonwood trees. Only in the female (not the male) cottonwood tree, the center of the branch is a star (see photo).

Isn’t this interesting?! Don’t you love nature?! I sure do! And it is a great example of the Divine Feminine found in nature and speaking to all of us.


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Happy New Year – 2013!

As we transition into the New Year, it feels important to take a few minutes to reflect on the year of 2012, as well as set intentions for the upcoming year of 2013.

Here’s a few of the memorable 2012 moments:

  • Licensing my CDs in various healthcare systems – at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, Children’s Hospital at Scott & White, Temple, TX and Maple Grove Hospital in Maple Grove, MN to name a few…
  • Presenting at many different conferences and events. It is always an honor to be in front of a group and I love speaking/playing.
  • Speaking/playing at the International Harp Therapy Program conference. While I was quite nervous about this (speaking/playing in front of my peers), it was important and in a profound way, opened me to what’s next.
  • Being in Indianapolis this summer … what a lovely, fulfilling time with my dear friend, Jan Erlenbaugh-Gaddis (who is also the first story in “Women as Healers: Voices of Vibrancy”).
  • Completing the Beyond Surgery Program coursework, working with open-heart surgery patients for certification and receiving my Surgery Coaching certificate. This program really “spoke” to me and I am grateful I had the opportunity to do this work.
  • Being in Wisconsin in December for several holiday “gigs” … what an amazing time in Green Bay and then, with my dear friend Rosemary Bilgrien (she is mentioned in the introduction of “Women as Healers: Voices of Vibrancy”).
  • Creating and sending out monthly e-zines. It is a nice way to communicate with many people and is especially fun to find videos to send out. Each month, I receive positive feedback from the readers.

On a personal note:

  • Having a perfect time seeing the Sandhill cranes in March with two dear aunts.
  • Traveling, exploring and experiencing two Eastern European cities:  Budapest and Prague. Absolutely lovely.
  • Driving through the Sandhills of Nebraska (my roots on the beautiful prairie) and the mountains – all on one trip. Really magical!
  • Holding a peace meditation in my home on Election Day – holding intention, love and Highest Good for our country/the world. Also, holding space for a positive election process and that ALL who wish to vote have the honor and privilege.

And intentions for 2013 … I’m still working on them!  What are your intentions?  Continue to watch this blog for exciting updates throughout the year of 2013!


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Featuring “Women as Healers” book

Tami Briggs, Musical Reflections, Women as Healers bookThis week we are featuring my newest book, “Women as Healers: Voices of Vibrancy.” It is a book written by women for women … and makes a wonderful holiday gift for your favorite women.

As I’ve had this book on my exhibit table at various conferences and events, I’ve observed something unique:  for the women that this book “speaks to,” many pick it up and hold it over their heart. This doesn’t happen with any other product in the same way.

So I ask does this book speak to your heart? (or a friend/family member’s heart?) If so, I bet you’ll know and you can click here to order.


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Harp Therapy Conference

In mid-August, a group of harp therapists from the Midwest met in Cedar Falls, IA. We had a great time, but also got up-to-date information on the latest “happenings” from around the world.

This conference was special because both of my revered harp teachers were present! Gaylord Stauffer was my beginning harp teacher and he organized the conference; Christina Tourin, founder of the International Harp Therapy Program, has been a major influence and teacher in my harp therapy work. I am deeply grateful to both of them…

I presented a session on “Self Care for the Harp Therapy Practitioner.” It is a topic I’m very passionate about! With a few “tweeks,” I’ll be making this session available to other healthcare professionals. It’s so new that it’s not on my website yet, but watch for up-dates … coming soon!   In the meantime if you want more info, please e-mail me.


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International Harp Therapy Conference

This weekend, several students and graduates of the International Harp Therapy Program (IHTP) will gather in Cedar Falls, Iowa for a conference. We will have several presentations on different topics, healthy food, time to connect … and oh yes, time to jam!  Having a room full of harps and harpists who love to play is so much fun and you can imagine the energy … as we raise the vibration, we feel like we can levitate right out of the hotel space!!

I will be speaking on self-care for harpists and I’m excited to share this topic with this group!  That said, I am also a bit nervous … I find it unnerving to speak in front of my peers. I guess I’ll have to “practice what I preach!” by breathing, centering in my heart and moving forward…


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Happy Thanksgiving!

A Happy Thanksgiving message from Tami Briggs (Musical Reflections’ founder) –

Thanksgiving is a favorite time to reflect on all of the things I’m grateful for.  I love to think about five things everyday. And for the year, I’m deeply grateful for:

  • Your continued support, as well as your feedback, ideas and encouragement.
  • All of the patients and families who allow me into their lives at a most vulnerable time of illness.
  • The healthcare staff at the numerous hospitals where I’ve had the opportunity to play for those they serve.
  • The opportunity to speak and play in front of thousands at healthcare conferences, sharing the special message of music and healing.
  • Sharing my music with thousands on my website, as well as through retail shops and stores – on CDs, downloads, DVDs and via the AMMM Machine.
  • The hundreds of people who follow me on Twitter (@HarpForHealing) and the wonderful people I am following. It is a window into people’s lives all over the world. I would never have this opportunity to connect without these unique technical programs.
  • Time to enjoy my parents this week, as well as prepare for the very busy month of December.

Have a lovely Thanksgiving!

Tami Briggs, Therapeutic Harpist, Musical Reflections, Healing Harp Music


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