Peace, Love, Joy Meditation

Peace Love JoyI was recently on a webinar and the speaker talked about sitting for 11 minutes each day in peace, love and joy. Doesn’t this sound like an awesome thing to do?!

This puts us in the energy of these lovely feelings … it doesn’t get any better than peace, love and joy, right?! And, it raises our vibration individually and collectively. I really can’t think of a more important time to do this very simple exercise for only 11 minutes per day.

If you would like to do this Peace, Love, Joy Meditation using a harp solo, non-familiar song, I suggest the “Sincerity” download from the Calm as the Night CD. It is 11 minutes and is only 99¢ to help facilitate a deep connection to peace, love and joy.

Join me in this easy and make-a-difference meditation!


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Interest in Helping Hospital and Hospice Patients Sleep? 

Calm  Digi PakSeveral years ago, we created the CD called “Calm as the Night” for sleep. After receiving many requests to add video to it, we are excited to let you know, it is finished and ready to be licensed/broadcasted in healthcare facilities across the country!

Please use the contact form below to let us know if you are interested in reviewing a DVD demo. Looking forward to working together to help patients deeply relax and sleep … sweet dreams!


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Presentation for Cancer Patients at the Mayo Clinic

I recently presented and played the harp at the Mayo Clinic Creative Renewal Program – an integrative arts series for cancer patients and their families. After my presentation, a woman came up and said, “I am so busy/stressed all day and then expect to fall asleep instantly when I go to bed. I need to purchase the CD Calm as the Night that you talked about to see if this would help me.”

Wishing you sweet dreams………….

Tami Briggs, Therapeutic Harpist, Musical Reflections, Healing Harp Music


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