Celebrating My Parents’ 60th Anniversary

60th AnniversaryMy parents celebrated 60 years of love and wedded bliss on February 16, and my sister and I will be honoring them on May 26th. We are excited to share this important milestone with their friends, family and church community!

For their 50th wedding anniversary, my sister and I took them to Hawaii. We are aware of “life happening” in the past 10 years. For instance, my Dad’s Parkinson’s doesn’t allow him to travel now. While this is sad, we all realize he’s in a very different “season” of his life journey now. And it reminds me of a Joanna Macy quote, “The most radical thing any of us can do at this time is to be fully present to what is happening in our world.”

So, Mom and Dad, I am present to you, feeling so grateful for your love and commitment to each other, and to our family. Sending you both love at this special time…


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Celebrating our 17th year!!

happy anniversaryI’m excited to share that we’re celebrating our 17th year anniversary … coming up this Saturday, May 21. And on that date, I’ll be helping my friends at the Healing Waters Health Center in Hudson, WI, celebrate their 5th year anniversary … how cool is that!!

It’s such a joy to celebrate these milestones and it reminds me of a Thoreau quote, “Surely joy is the condition of life.”

So, another 17 years? Stay tuned to this music channel …


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Happy 15th Anniversary!

Tomorrow is Musical Reflections’ 15th Anniversary … WOW!  I am grateful for all the people who’ve supported me on this journey … I feel very blessed.

I remember the day I started the company like it was yesterday … it’s amazing how quickly the time has gone! What do the next 15 years have in store?  I’m fairly certain it will be connected with continuing to help the world relax … a much-needed “commodity” in our world today! Stay tuned…


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