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Amy is President of Medcalm, a company dedicated to offering the medical community audio solutions for healing and relaxation. Medcalm products include the Medcalm Channel, an extensive audio/video library, as well as a unique headphone system for patient care and treatment.

Arden is a music therapist. She co-developed with her husband Jack, an original system of healing and sound therapy that achieves healing, meditation, and relaxation.

Bernie is the co-founder, with his wife Constance, of the Center for Living Art, which provides learning opportunities for individuals, groups, and organizations in bringing alive the creative and artistic brilliance of all people.

Carolyn Utigard Thomas’ art “Gentle Blessings” is the cover of Tami’s first book, Grace Notes: Reflections on the Harp and Healing. Carolyn is a contemporary artist working primarily in watercolor.

Cathi is the Executive Director of Share, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting families who have experienced the death of a baby through pregnancy loss, stillbirth or in the first few months of life.

The University of Minnesota’s Center for Spirituality & Healing enriches health and well-being by providing high-quality interdisciplinary education, conducting rigorous research, and delivering innovative programs that advance integrative health and healing.

Christina Tourin is the founder and director of the International Harp Therapy Program established in 1995. This certification program is designed to teach harpists how to take the instrument into hospitals, hospices, and nursing homes.

Connie Fenty is a workshop facilitator and labyrinth expert.  Her workshops focus on the healing relationship between people, nature, and spirit.

Peak Pathways provides organizations with creative win-win solutions to people problems at all levels.  The results are increased managerial effectiveness, lower staff turnover, improved productivity, sales growth and higher profitability while employees become more engaged with greater satisfaction from working in a productive environment where they fit the job and culture.

Dana’s goal is to encourage others to improve their health through the use of healing touch, yoga, strength and core training, and stress reduction.  She does this through classes, healing touch therapy sessions, and individualized instruction.

A non-profit organization committed to developing materials and processes that cultivate personal peace by re-claiming scattered pieces of selves lost through self-disregard, heartache, chronic illness, neglect, abuse, trauma, death or war. The intent is to restore wholeness.

Healing Waters QiGong Center is a holistic center located in Hudson, WI.  They offer QiGong, meditation and other holistic therapies assisting you in your overall well-being.

Fannie is a massage therapist and takes a holistic approach in customizing a treatment plan that best meets your needs.

Monarch is an inspirational gift shop located in Northfield, Minnesota.  It is our mission to provide beautiful gifts, products and services for those who seek to live an inspired life.

Music For Gifts provides imprinted, private label music CDs for client gifts, promotions, advertising, tie-ins, incentives, trade shows, fundraising, employee incentives, awards, appreciation gifts, and year-end business awards.

Jean Johnson is a writer and musician, focusing on healing and transition music in life.  Jean is working on a book “Sabbath Summer” and will be soon enrolled in Music for Healing and Transition Program to become a Certified Music Practitioner.

Based in Stillwater, MN, Musicmaker’s has a variety of harps available as kits or already-built instruments.

Stress Stop is dedicated to helping people manage stress, especially in the workplace. Workbooks, CDs, DVDs, training kits, handouts and other products are available to give practical, hands-on advice about how to find calm amidst the chaos.

Providing high quality specialized care for persons with dementia including those with related, challenging behavior. Judy is the 2010 recipient of the nationally-acclaimed Robert Woods Johnson Award.

A world-renowned video production company based in greater Minnesota, Julius produced most of the videos on this website.

Kari focuses on helping caregivers understand their new role, have fun with their loved ones, understand the aging process and most of all, remain in balance throughout their journey. Her background is unique because she’s worked both as a professional caregiver, as well as having given care to her deceased mother.

As a spiritual mentor, speaker, writer, and 20-year consultant, Kian Dwyer is redefining kindness through her books Living Your Chosen Eulogy and There’s An Angel in All of Us: Live Today How You Want to be Remembered.  Ms. Dwyer is the founder of World Help Organization which reintroduces kindness and promotes active giving. Her books and business are not about “self-help” but “world-help,” putting your best authentic self forward to improve the world.

Deviant Jeans is empowering women battling cancer with customized fashionable apparel that suits their changing bodies and lifestyles.

Lois Weber, Certified TAT Professional and Energy Coach, Reiki Master and Licensed Massage Therapist, offers “coaching for calm” via a number of healing energy modalities. Say yes to a calmer life and gain new perspective and self-care skills to bring your body and mind into balance!

Lores Consulting offers excellence in education, competence in coaching and consulting for hospice, assisted living, home care, skilled nursing home and hospital staff.  Educational expertise includes topics that support staff and volunteers caring for individuals that have chronic or terminal illness.

Alzheimer’s Speaks was developed as a resource for professionals, as well as the public. We provide easy access to a variety of services, tools, concepts and products when dealing with the disease.

As with the progression of many diseases, the voice can be lost and communication as we know it evaporates. The Alzheimer’s Speaks Blog was created to “give Alzheimer’s a voice,” encouraging, assisting, and engaging those in need of tools, services, concepts, and products.

Senior Lifestyle Trends is a driver of change. Our mission is to shift society’s negative perception of aging and illness, by getting individuals and businesses to appreciate and embrace the gifts wrapped in every stage of life.

Lyon & Healy is one of the world’s oldest harp makers. Lyon & Healy is acclaimed throughout the world for its remarkable depth and clarity of sound, breathtaking designs, and rich heritage of quality craftsmanship.

Acacia Studios is a healing center located in Cannon Falls, MN and they offer massage therapy.

Photography by Marea creates artful images for a lifetime. In celebrating all of life’s special occasions from your wedding to expectancy or newborn portraits, family or special events, Marea will capture precious memories candidly and creatively.

A Reiki Master for 19 years and certified in Bach Flower Remedies, aromatherapy and massage therapy, Mary combines modalities to create healing sessions for every need. Certified in canine massage, she is also happy to work with your animal companions.

Cancer survivor, turned fashion designer, Peg Feodoroff founded Spirited Sisters, Inc. with two of her sisters. Home of the Original Healing Threads, she creates and markets beautiful and functional personal patient apparel that is an alternative to a hospital gown.

This blog has entries that are meant to touch human hearts as well as stimulate open thinking—personal stories, humor, positive thoughts, and gentle sharings. Also includes a taste of the music from Rusty’s heart.

Light Therapy Products offers a full line of light boxes to treat depression and seasonal depression, as well as products for relaxation and sleep.

The Harp Therapy Journal is a quarterly publication that provides cutting-edge information about the benefits of harp music and its use in clinical settings.  The Journal includes interviews, research and scientific articles, and it is also an international networking tool.

The Healing Musician’s Center was created for the advancement of the practice of the therapeutic musician and to spread healing with music.

Suncoast Institute is a unique training and consultation organization utilizing the strengths of Suncoast Hospice’s practice-based experts in providing end-of-life training, research and consultation to more than 2800 service providers across the country.

The Sylvia Woods Harp Center specializes in lever harps and is your one-stop shop for harps, strings, harp music books, CDs and accessories.

Relaxing piano music by The O’Neill Brothers.

Touching Souls Bereavement Photography provides support to parents when a baby dies, in the precious and meaningful time they have together. The photographer, Todd Hochberg, works unobtrusively; the photographs serve as a gentle link to memories and feelings.

Trish provides gift baskets for cancer patients and caregivers. All of their gift baskets provide hope, encouragement and comfort, as well as promote healing and recovery for people going through the cancer journey.