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November “Out and About”

November is always a busy month with holiday preparations and I am excited to be “out and about” sharing the message of hope, healing and stress reduction.

  • November 10 – “Musical Harp Reflections of Peace and Gratitude,” Health and Wellness Concert, City Hall Ballroom, 205 West Center Street, 2nd floor in Lake City, MN, 2-4 p.m.
  • November 14 – “Reflections for Your Grieving Heart,” The Compassionate Friends at Beaver Lake Lutheran Church, 2280 Stillwater Ave E. Maplewood, MN, 7 p.m.

Join us if you are available…


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Presentation for Cancer Patients at the Mayo Clinic

I recently presented and played the harp at the Mayo Clinic Creative Renewal Program – an integrative arts series for cancer patients and their families. After my presentation, a woman came up and said, “I am so busy/stressed all day and then expect to fall asleep instantly when I go to bed. I need to purchase the CD Calm as the Night that you talked about to see if this would help me.”

Wishing you sweet dreams………….

Tami Briggs, Therapeutic Harpist, Musical Reflections, Healing Harp Music


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“Self-Care Salon” – A New Presentation

Previously on this blog, I mentioned doing a self-care session for my Harp Therapy peers. Self-care is a topic I’m very passionate about!

Before the holidays, my dear friend, Barb Schommer (Healing Touch Instructor and retired public health nurse) and I were having lunch. She is one of the 31 women in the “Women as Healers” book and we co-created a CD called “Reflections: A Guided Meditation.” Barb and I also love to present together…there’s a synergy with the two of us together that is unmatched!!  

At our pre-holiday lunch, we started talking about “What’s Next?!” We had been thinking about doing something for self-care for a long time … we decided it was time to take action!  Hence, the “Self-Care Salon” was born.

Description:  In this session, we explore self-care as a daily practice and how to give ourselves loving self-care. As we focus on our own self-care, it sets a beautiful tone for our daily lives and helps us have greater compassion for others. We can also model this self-love to those we serve.

Participants exchange ideas about self-care using a creative and fun approach called World Café. Those attending experience an oasis of relaxation, reflection and rejuvenation! This unique session nurtures their spirits, moving from busy-ness to calm and deep relaxation. They leave the session in a mellow state. . . guaranteed!

Objectives:  Participants will–

  • Experience calming harp music and guided meditation allowing you to unwind.
  • Create a self-care collage in community.
  • Commit to one new self-care practice.


We conducted our first session at Woodwinds Health campus in late January. This doodle is from one of the participants — yes! the pot of gold really is at the end of the rainbow!!

  • “Just what I needed!”
  • “For some time, I have been on a path of daily prayer/meditation, yoga/exercise, healthy eating and basic connection with myself. This reminded me to stick with my program.”

It was a joy for Barb and I to be present … if you are interested in manifesting your self-care intentions using the “Self-Care Salon” format, contact Tami.


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Happy New Year – 2013!

As we transition into the New Year, it feels important to take a few minutes to reflect on the year of 2012, as well as set intentions for the upcoming year of 2013.

Here’s a few of the memorable 2012 moments:

  • Licensing my CDs in various healthcare systems – at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, Children’s Hospital at Scott & White, Temple, TX and Maple Grove Hospital in Maple Grove, MN to name a few…
  • Presenting at many different conferences and events. It is always an honor to be in front of a group and I love speaking/playing.
  • Speaking/playing at the International Harp Therapy Program conference. While I was quite nervous about this (speaking/playing in front of my peers), it was important and in a profound way, opened me to what’s next.
  • Being in Indianapolis this summer … what a lovely, fulfilling time with my dear friend, Jan Erlenbaugh-Gaddis (who is also the first story in “Women as Healers: Voices of Vibrancy”).
  • Completing the Beyond Surgery Program coursework, working with open-heart surgery patients for certification and receiving my Surgery Coaching certificate. This program really “spoke” to me and I am grateful I had the opportunity to do this work.
  • Being in Wisconsin in December for several holiday “gigs” … what an amazing time in Green Bay and then, with my dear friend Rosemary Bilgrien (she is mentioned in the introduction of “Women as Healers: Voices of Vibrancy”).
  • Creating and sending out monthly e-zines. It is a nice way to communicate with many people and is especially fun to find videos to send out. Each month, I receive positive feedback from the readers.

On a personal note:

  • Having a perfect time seeing the Sandhill cranes in March with two dear aunts.
  • Traveling, exploring and experiencing two Eastern European cities:  Budapest and Prague. Absolutely lovely.
  • Driving through the Sandhills of Nebraska (my roots on the beautiful prairie) and the mountains – all on one trip. Really magical!
  • Holding a peace meditation in my home on Election Day – holding intention, love and Highest Good for our country/the world. Also, holding space for a positive election process and that ALL who wish to vote have the honor and privilege.

And intentions for 2013 … I’m still working on them!  What are your intentions?  Continue to watch this blog for exciting updates throughout the year of 2013!


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A Special Christmas Gift

Every Christmas, I get a parcel mailed to me from my dear Aunt Marg in Kearney, Nebr.  She is my Dad’s sister and they have always been emotionally close. (My Aunt is #3 and my Dad is #4 of 13 children – there is approximately 18 months between them. They went to school together and were very active in “raising” many of the younger siblings.)

Last Christmas when I opened the big brown box that Aunt Marg sent, it was filled with estate jewelry … it was like a treasure trove of all kinds of costume jewelry.

At the bottom of the box was a pair of light purple ”Snoozies!” socks. Since I live in Minnesota and love purple, I thought these would come in handy. And there was one more box to be opened at the very bottom. On top of a little gray box was a note that read “This is from your Dad when he was in Korea. (He served in the Korean War and was stationed in Tague, South Korea.) I want you to have it, if you want it. If you don’t want it, just send it back. I’m just not sure it will get to you after I am gone. It is very precious to me and I have kept your Dad’s writing inside all these years.”

When I opened the box it was a BEAUTIFUL beaded black velvet purse in impeccable shape (pictured above). My Dad, as a young solider, picked out this special gift for his beloved sister and sent it to her from Korea. Aunt Marg had kept it all these years in its original box, never used it … and now was gifting it to me! I sat on my sofa and sobbed – I was so touched.

The next day I was flying to Kentucky to be with my parents for Christmas and while I was there, I did a Christmas harp concert for the assisted living residents where my parents live. At the end of the concert, I surprised my Dad with this story and showed him/the audience this little black purse. I was so emotional as I shared this lovely story with the group and my dear Dad sat on the front row and cried right along with me … it is one of the most meaningful, heart-felt gifts I’ve ever received and a very special moment in a presentation with my dear Dad present.

I have shared this special story with many groups during the past year … I encourage audiences to reflect on the very special gifts they have received and the gifts/talents they give to others.  And I encourage you to do the same …


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Appreciating your continued support

There’s so much happening in the world of integrative therapies. I feel very blessed to do the work that is my “calling” and I am deeply grateful for your continued support.

As we move into the Thanksgiving holiday, here’s a few of my favorite presentations/events from 2012:

I have some availability in 2013 … I would be happy to present/play at your special event and I look forward to connecting!


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Integrating Harp Therapy in Health Care Systems

While my harp therapy teacher’s mission is to have a “harp player in every hospital and hospice by 2020,” my vision includes: 

  • Licensing harp CDs to health care systems for their closed-circuit TVs. This is a simple, cost-effective method to help hospital and hospice patients relax, feel peace and calm, and sleep. E-mail me if you want more information.
  • In-service education of health care staff. Topics range from “Music and Healing” to “Music for Hospice” to “Self-Care for Health Care Providers.” Click here for more details about my presentations.
  • CDs in hospital gift shops. Contact me for wholesale prices of my books and CDs.
  • Playing at the bedside. For hospitals and hospices in the Twin Cities, I am available for these special bedside vigils. Contact me for pricing and availability. To find a therapeutic harpist in your geographical area, click here.

I’ve been doing this work full-time for the past 13 years and in that time, I’ve seen remarkable shifts in health care systems incorporating the ancient healing modality of harp therapy into the current evidence-based medical model. And we’ve only just begun … we are definitely living in exciting times!  This is my deep passion and I so appreciate your continued support to help make this a reality for those we are serving.


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Never Take Someone’s Hope Away…

On a recent trip to the hospital, I was preparing to take my harp into an elderly woman’s room when her nurse came up and said, “Margie* feels no hope and is ready to die.”

After introducing myself and setting up my harp, I began to play. She started “falling” heavier into the bed, almost immediately. I had the sense that she was connecting to her deepest self, her core. (In my presentations, I sometimes mention soul healings and Margie is an example of what I’m talking about.) We stayed in this beautiful, deep space for 15-20 minutes. When I finished playing, she gently opened her eyes and said, “I feel hope again … and I know now I’m going to live awhile longer.”

While a medical diagnosis may take away hope, music and the harp, in particular, can help us to connect with our core/soul where hope resides.

* name changed for confidentiality


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International Harp Therapy Conference

This weekend, several students and graduates of the International Harp Therapy Program (IHTP) will gather in Cedar Falls, Iowa for a conference. We will have several presentations on different topics, healthy food, time to connect … and oh yes, time to jam!  Having a room full of harps and harpists who love to play is so much fun and you can imagine the energy … as we raise the vibration, we feel like we can levitate right out of the hotel space!!

I will be speaking on self-care for harpists and I’m excited to share this topic with this group!  That said, I am also a bit nervous … I find it unnerving to speak in front of my peers. I guess I’ll have to “practice what I preach!” by breathing, centering in my heart and moving forward…


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April Speaking Engagements

A great joy for me is to speak and play the harp. And this month, I am honored to connect with three different groups:

Parkinson’s is “near and dear” to my heart – I lost an Uncle to Parkinson’s and my beloved Dad is currently journeying with it. Click here if you’d like more information about my presentation on this topic.

Do you need an in-service for your staff or a Healing Harp Concert at your location/conference? I love to share my message and music with groups. At each presentation, I bring:

  • my harp.
  • poignant moments, practical tips and peace.
  • new ideas about using therapeutic music with intention.
  • an inspirational message and immediate application.

If you are interested in having me conduct a presentation at your location, I welcome these opportunities. Click here for more information. I look forward to working together!


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