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More Thoughts on Zoom…

Zoom LogoIn the last blog post, I discussed using Zoom for presentations/performances. And frankly, my somewhat negative experiences using it for those purposes.

On a more positive note, where I have seen Zoom work very well:

  • My therapeutic harp lessons – I have been working with students who already play the harp, but are interested in learning more about playing at the hospital and hospice bedside.
  • Virtual harp therapy – I wrote about this in an earlier blog. I am excited to offer this as a virtual healing modality and the opportunities are endless … around the globe!

So, CoVid-19 has blessed us with many changes and using technology, specifically Zoom, in some beautiful, unique ways. I am grateful to be here at this amazing time in our human evolution! If you are interested in additional information for either of these, I look forward to connecting.


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Harp on Zoom!

Zoom LogoEveryone’s on Zoom … I am, too! And here’s “my take” on it. After doing numerous live events over the past 21+ years, I wasn’t sure how I would like performing on Zoom.

I did two harp group events during the initial lock-down of CoVid-19. While the actual virtual events went OK, the hardest part was ending in a quiet house (my living room) without any audience feedback. So, the quiet after presentations/events has been a big adjustment!

That said, I’ve recently invested in upgrading my system and am excited about offering many different types of Zoom sessions! Interested? Let’s connect! I look forward to working together …


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