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The Circle of Life

I played the harp yesterday in the hospital where I volunteer. My friend, who does Healing Touch, and I were working together. As we were on the elevator, we spoke with a young man who commented he was going to the second floor where the new babies are. We asked him if he was a new father and he said, “Yes, we had a little girl and this is our third child. I think we are done now!”

My friend and I worked with one woman and then, we were asked to work with a man who was being transferred to a nursing home, going into hospice care. The harp therapy and Healing Touch treatment calmed both the patient and his lovely wife. A sacred time, the whole experience felt very holy.

As my friend finished charting, I put my harp in its case. The young man (who we’d met on the elevator) and his wife with their new baby were strolling past the dying man’s room…the circle of life.


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Featuring “The Christmas Story”

Featuring “The Christmas Story,” this is one of my holiday CDs. Since most Christmas music is recorded in the summer (so the CDs are ready for the holidays), “The Christmas Story” has always been special because it was recorded on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

When the Daily OM wrote a review and shared it with their 1 million customers, I knew they understood the special grace of this solo harp CD.  I am deeply touched and humbled by their beautiful words…

Review by Daily OM:

“Harpist Tami Briggs is a sound healer whose angelic, gentle playing bypasses all resistance to touch the root chord of the human soul. She honed her healing skill via personal appearances at hospitals and hospices, bringing her soothing sounds right up to the beds of those most in need. Bringing her knowledge of healing into the recording studio, Briggs makes harp music that’s simple, sweet, and deeply soothing. Embracing a less-is-more strategy, The Christmas Story interprets classic holiday standards into gentle solo-harp pieces, potent enough to hush a room of chatting relatives, relaxing enough to play in a child’s bedroom to help them fall asleep on Christmas Eve. And if you should find yourself alone for the holidays, Briggs becomes an angelic friend, her music a shimmering presence rooting you back to humanity.

Capturing the vibe of a live performance, The Christmas Story offers audio quality sharp enough to give the illusion that Briggs is playing right in the same room as you mull through your presents or nap on the couch in a sea of torn wrapping paper….The CD wraps up with the feeling of belonging to something larger than oneself, as Briggs’ gentle touch with the harp suffused even her frequent impassioned glissandos with warmth. More than just a bunch of carols played on the harp, Briggs skirts in and around the familiar melodies with the finesse of a jazz soloist, albeit one with no agenda of showing off chops, but rather of hitting all the right notes to warm the back of your neck and open your heart. Put on The Christmas Story when you need a gentle reminder of what the holidays are about: peace, love, and spiritual regeneration.”

To order your copy today, click here.  Or you can download the entire album here.


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