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Vibrational Frequency Tuning Tables

Vibrational FrequencyI was recently at a holistic fair and the vendor next to me had a vibrational frequency tuning table. He handmade a prototype and under the brushed aluminum table was long piano strings. He laid on the floor and strummed the strings intuitively for the person who laid on top of the table.

I had the opportunity to try it! It was an interesting experience … I can’t say that I got any specific benefit, but I’m really glad I said YES! to experiencing it. I love the entrepreneurial spirit and am excited for Michael Childress, the table inventor. I wish him all the best with his unique endeavor!!


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Sharing one of our favorite products!

Pro BioMat Set with New ControllerRecently, we had an opportunity to share the BioMat at a Summer Holistic Fair. It is one of our favorite products and it is such a joy to give people an opportunity to try it. Once you try it, you’re hooked!! We see this over and over … what fun!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with it and haven’t tried it, the BioMat is a powerful healing tool made up of three elements:  1) far infrared heat, 2) amethyst crystals, and 3) negative Ions. It is a Class 3 FDA-approved medical device with health benefits of:

  • Relieving pain and eases joint stiffness, especially sore muscles, sprains, muscle spasms and soft tissue injuries, as well as lower back pain or injuries
  • Increasing blood circulation and cardiovascular function
  • Improving immune function
  • Removing waste and toxins and assists in detoxification
  • Promoting relaxation and sleep.

Click here for more information. Or, if you prefer to talk on the phone, call us toll-free at 1-844-4BIOMAT (1-844-424-6628). We look forward to connecting!


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Last Saturday, I exhibited at a Summer Holistic Fair. It was fun to greet those in attendance and I had a nice connection with two women who own an acupuncture office.

I asked them if acupuncture helps with certain health challenges and they responded positively to each issue. But what about needle phobics … like me?!?! 

They showed me the wisp of a needle they use and explained it felt like a slight mosquito bite. I never thought I’d try it … not because I didn’t think it would work or I was skeptical about the results, but because I was scared of all the needles.

As we talked, I felt very comfortable with these two women who were educating me … and on a whim, I said, “Yes, I will try four times!!” So we’ll see …


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