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I Love Music Gadgets!

0971982244We hear this a lot and it is our joy to offer a really different and unique music gadget for all the special people on your holiday list:

If you have questions about any of these gift ideas, reach out to us at or 952-829-1919. We will do our best to help you determine optimal holiday gift choices for those on your list!


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A new product idea … just in time for the holidays!

Love&Light.jpgWe are so excited to offer this new product … just in time for the holidays!Angelic Vibrations of Light and Love – Music for peace, calm, and sleep. MP3 player pre-loaded with four hours of instrumental harp therapy music by Tami Briggs, therapeutic harpist.

Angelic Vibrations” is an MP3 player. The size of credit card, it is pre-loaded with four hours of Tami Briggs’ harp music. It is a great value ($19.95) and a perfect holiday gift for your family and friends. Click here to order today!



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Keep It Simple …

During the month of December, I had the opportunity to go to Salt Lake City and see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s Christmas production. And a production it was! They had two special guests and over-the-top theatrics. The only thing missing was the Choir actually singing Christmas carols … really!

While it was entertaining, I was disappointed to not experience the simple beauty of this timeless music by this awesome Choir. Traveling to Salt Lake City to see this Choir was on my “bucket list,” so I feel blessed to have had this experience. But it was also a reminder that simplicity is still much-needed in our culture, especially during the month of December and throughout the holiday season.

While we just finished the holidays, I am already booking Advent gigs for 2014. They will be focused on beautiful Christmas carols, meditative readings and touching stories. Contact me if you are interested in booking a holiday gig now.

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