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Figure Skating and Stillness … Really?!

Ice skateRelaxing on a Sunday afternoon, watching men’s figure skating and the announcers are gushing over an amazing performance by Adam Rippon. Have you heard of him? I hadn’t! Then, all of the sudden, Adam stops skating! And the announcer said, “Adam told me recently, ‘As you get older, you learn the power of stillness.’ ”

A beautiful moment and a wonderful reminder in our busy lives … just like the harp, sometimes less is more, bringing us to that still place. Ahhhhh…

Oh! Adam took second place in the 2015 Men’s US Figure Skating contest.


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The Olympics…

I love the Olympics!  Do you, too?

When Michael Phelps was starring in the 2008 Olympics, I remember tweeting and writing a blog, wondering what music he listened to in his headphones. It seemed like every time we saw him when he wasn’t competing, he had his earbuds in.  I bet he didn’t listen to harp music! What do you think?!

What is your favorite event of the winter Olympics?  I love figure skating. It is so graceful and elegant; a combo of beauty and special athletic talent on the ice.  For the past few Olympics, I have had the vision of the gold medalist skating to one of my harp songs! I continue to hold this vision … anyone know any of the figure skating choreographers? That feels like a great place to start and I would welcome this connection …


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