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World Peace is Possible!

WorldI have been passionate about and working towards world peace for much of my life. It all started in 1982 when I returned to the U.S. after living in Switzerland for six months on the International Four-H Youth Exchange (IFYE) program.

The IFYE program has been uninterrupted for 72 years … until the coronavirus. This year, the program is suspended to keep everyone involved as safe as possible. Personally, I know this is the right decision but it is still hard to “wrap my mind around” not having exchanges in both directions (going to international destinations and coming to America). The communication I received letting me know of this suspended decision made it very clear that “the show will go on” next year!

On a different note, but still related to world peace – have you noticed how we now care about Italians and Spaniards and Koreans and someone in Boise, ID and Miami, FL? Never before has every person in the world cared about one issue – the coronavirus. Isn’t that incredible?! Talk about the world coming together … for peace and harmony. We truly are all connected now! It’s been a long time coming … it is certainly feeling like we have arrived and world peace is possible!


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Harp/Music Vision!

Harp ConcertIn the last blog post, I talked about I’m a musician who also loves sports!

And interestingly, I had an intense dream as the economy was collapsing connected to the coronavirus. Here’s the dream…

I was in a parking lot and I was talking with several professional sports players. They were lamenting they couldn’t play and consequently, make their huge salaries. I said, “Maybe it’s time for our culture/world to ‘get’ that we need harp therapy and music, and not sports to help us heal.”

I awoke with hope! Perhaps music and musical groups can finally become valued, well paid(!), as well as model teamwork and cooperation. With sports, it is always about competition as someone wins and the other loses. A music concert/event leaves everyone feeling a winner! I believe this dream/vision also includes artists and the entire healing community.

Was my dream a part of the new paradigm that is being created? We’ll see … we can hope, right?!


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