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Playing the harp at the hospital and hospice bedside

music jokeOne of my passions is to play the harp at the hospital and hospice bedside. Over the next several weeks, I’ll be sharing a variety of experiences I’ve had. This will give you an idea of the power and potency of this work!

Before I walked in to this female patient’s room, I was told she was very agitated the day before. By the time I played for her, she was heavily medicated and very sedated.

While I played, she was very peaceful and sleepy. I had a sense that she was very sad and perhaps had some dementia. I played Amazing Grace and other familiar songs (which is helpful to demented patients because it brings them into the present moment and while they may not remember anything else, they may still hold music memory – melodies and/or words). The word that came to me as I was playing for her was “protection.” I had the feeling that she was very protected by many angels.

Sometimes, sleep is more difficult in the hospital environment, yet can be the most restorative/healing. That’s where the harp can work its magic … in fact, I always say I’ve done my best work if I put the patient to sleep!! I left her in a peaceful state and helped her drift off to sleep.


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Good Samaritans

Good SamaritanThis incident happened at Thanksgiving last year. After completing my visit with my parents in Lexington, KY, they dropped me off at the airport. As they were driving home, their car caught on fire! They stopped at a stoplight and noticed smoke coming out of the hood. A woman pulled up next to them, rolled down her window and screamed, “Your car is on fire … get OUT immediately! I’m driving on and will call the police for you.”

My parents did get out – right in the middle of the intersection. Can you imagine two vulnerable elderly people standing in the middle of a busy intersection? Oh my! A gentleman in a car right behind them saw what was happening and he yelled, “Get in with me and I’ll back up” (in case their car exploded). The police and fire department made it in time to extinguish the fire – it totaled the car, but my parents were able to retrieve their personal belongings (mom’s purse, Dad’s walker, etc.).

My sister and I are so grateful for these angels/good Samaritans who took such great care of them. If you stop and think about it, I bet you and your family has a similar story. Feel free to share your thoughts … we love to hear from you!


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