Music Gadgets for the Special People in Your Life

AMMM Machine in black
Do you have people on your Christmas list who have everything and they are super difficult to buy for? We have a couple of suggestions of really unique gifts:

  • AMMM – this stands for Amazing Mini Music Machine (and affectionately called the AMMMM!). This hand-held speaker comes with a flash drive that is pre-loaded with 5 hours of beautiful harp music. Click here for more information.Angelic Vibrations with Earbuds
  • Angelic Vibrations – this MP3 Player is pre-loaded with 4 hours of Tami Briggs’ harp music. It is the size of a credit card, and comes with ear buds and easy-to-use instructions … all self-contained in a small plastic box. More information is available by clicking here.

If you have questions or need additional information on either of these music devices, please don’t hesitate to call us at 952-829-1919. We are happy to help you get perfect gifts for those on your Christmas shopping list!


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Stressed Out?

StressDo you know anyone who isn’t stressed out? It sure seems like stress runs rampant in our world today, doesn’t it?

What are the root causes? Do we need new ideas and models to release stress? As a world we are trying to figure this out … and perhaps stress relief has never been more important.

At Musical Reflections, we are always interested in being part of the solution and harp music can certainly help. For more information about all of our CDs, click here.


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A Funny Excuse!!!

No ExcusesI spent a lovely weekend with my parents in Lexington, KY, for the recent Easter weekend. I played the harp in their dining room one evening and to say the residents appreciated it is an understatement!! I also agreed to play a half hour prelude for their Vespers service on Easter Sunday at 4 o’clock.

On Saturday night before Easter, I had just gone to sleep when I heard a harp string break. (This makes a loud “boing” noise and it was loud enough to wake me up!!) The next morning I realized the woman I rented the harp from hadn’t left me any harp string replacements.

My mom and I drove to her house and I have to be honest, I was speeding! (I was trying to hurry so I could get the string, re-string it and get it tuned before driving to the Easter church service.) Speeding along, my mom and I saw a police. We started laughing at the thought if I got pulled over, using the excuse “I was hurrying to go get a harp string.” I bet that would be an excuse no police has ever heard!!

And just an FYI – I didn’t get pulled over by the police and we did get the string, inserted it and made it to church in great shape!!


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Out and About in April!

April 2016 calendarWe are excited to be many places during the month of April … it is a great passion to share our work and help you relax!

  • North Central Healing Touch Gathering – April 1 and 2 in Minneapolis. I’ll be playing the harp for the keynote speaker, proving music for the meditations.
  • International Parish Nursing Resource Center – hosting their 30th Anniversary of the Westberg Symposium, this group will meet in Chicago, April 7-10. I’ll speak and play the harp, as well as share harp music at all the worship services.
  • Divine Anointing – April 16 in Cottage Grove, MN, this “gig” will be co-facilitated with Cathy Mullaney and features 12 divine oils, meditation and prayer with angelic vibrations of the harp.
  • Allina Reward Luncheon for top employee winners on April 22 – love helping this awesome group of people celebrate … well deserved!
  • Annual MN Reiki conference – April 23 at the Metamorphosis Center. Join us for a wonderful day!

Guaranteed to be a busy month … looking forward to seeing you along the way if it works in your schedule!


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PandoraDo you have a Pandora account? Have you created your own playlist? If so, do you need a bit of harp music to idol down, relax and reflect? I bet I know where you can get some of that!!  :-)

If you need to list to samples before selecting your songs on Pandora, click here ad review all of our CDs. Enjoy!


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Check out this positive review on one of our CDs: “The Christmas Story” 

Christmas Story CoverWe have posted this before … and it warms our heart that Daily OM loves this CD, so we decided to post again! Here’s the review they wrote about The Christmas Story CD:

“Harpist Tami Briggs is a sound healer whose angelic, gentle playing bypasses all resistance to touch the root chord of the human soul. She honed her healing skill via personal appearances at hospitals and hospices, bringing her soothing sounds right up to the beds of those most in need. Bringing her knowledge of healing into the recording studio, Briggs makes harp music that’s simple, sweet, and deeply soothing. Embracing a less-is-more strategy, The Christmas Story interprets classic holiday standards into gentle solo-harp pieces, potent enough to hush a room of chatting relatives, relaxing enough to play in a child’s bedroom to help them fall asleep on Christmas Eve. And if you should find yourself alone for the holidays, Briggs becomes an angelic friend, her music a shimmering presence rooting you back to humanity.

Capturing the vibe of a live performance, The Christmas Story offers audio quality sharp enough to give the illusion that Briggs is playing right in the same room as you mull through your presents or nap on the couch in a sea of torn wrapping paper….The CD wraps up with the feeling of belonging to something larger than oneself, as Briggs’ gentle touch with the harp suffused even her frequent impassioned glissandos with warmth. More than just a bunch of carols played on the harp, Briggs skirts in and around the familiar melodies with the finesse of a jazz soloist, albeit one with no agenda of showing off chops, but rather of hitting all the right notes to warm the back of your neck and open your heart. Put on The Christmas Story when you need a gentle reminder of what the holidays are about: peace, love and spiritual regeneration.”

We are honored and humbled by the Daily OM’s lovely words. And if you want to experience it for yourself, The Christmas Story is available as a CD or download. Enjoy!


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Day of Thankfulness

Happy ThanksgivingFor the past several years, I’ve made a list at this time of year of what I’m most grateful for. This year, my list includes being in gratitude for:

So, as you can see, there’s SO much to be grateful for … and isn’t gratitude the most lovely feeling in the world!



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Unique gift ideas: Music gadgets

AMMM Machine in silverMusical Reflections has an entire section on our website called Music Devices. To fill your homAMMM Machine in blacke or office with music (and joy!), we offer several musical “gadgets” – the PlayAway, an MP3 player and the Amazing Mini Music Machine (AMMM). In this blog post, we’ll focus on the AMMM.

The Amazing Mini Music Machine is a small speaker (fits in the palm of your hand), is portable and comes with a pre-loaded flash drive with five hours of Tami Briggs’ harp music.

It features:

  • Outstanding sound quality.
  • Compact design (3″ x 2″ x 2″).
  • Lightweight, easily portable and ideal for moving from one location to another.
  • Re-chargeable with a long-lasting lithium battery; plays without being plugged in to electricity.
  • Capability to use a flash drive.

It comes with:

  • Battery charger.
  • iPod cord (the AMMM Machine can be used as a speaker for your iPod, iPad or iPhone).
  • Instructions for ease of use.

The AMMM is a really unique holiday gift for your friends, family and those you serve. Click here to order today.


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A new product idea … just in time for the holidays!

Love&Light.jpgWe are so excited to offer this new product … just in time for the holidays!Angelic Vibrations of Light and Love – Music for peace, calm, and sleep. MP3 player pre-loaded with four hours of instrumental harp therapy music by Tami Briggs, therapeutic harpist.

Angelic Vibrations” is an MP3 player. The size of credit card, it is pre-loaded with four hours of Tami Briggs’ harp music. It is a great value ($19.95) and a perfect holiday gift for your family and friends. Click here to order today!



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Need unique Christmas cards? (Try “Holiday Blessings”)

Christmas Card CD 814_5.inddMusical Reflections offers “Holiday Blessings” – a unique holiday card with a CD enclosed of Christmas harp music. With a place for you to hand address it, you can send it to those on your holiday card list.

Songs on the CD include:

  • Pachelbel’s Canon/The First Noël
  • Ave Maria
  • An Angelic Medley
  • Still, Still, Still
  • O Holy Night

Prices are:

Quantity Price per Card/CD
1-25 $4.95
26-100 $3.95
101+ $2.95

(Shipping charges not included)

This product is not on our website. To order, call Tami Briggs at 952-829-1919 or send her an e-mail with your phone number. We love providing unique items for the holidays – we look forward to hearing from you!


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