The Power of Reflection (co-presented with Bernie Saunders)


The Power of Reflection is a mini-retreat and is co-created by Bernie Saunders, fine art photographer of nature, and Tami Briggs, therapeutic harpist. This inspirational, interactive program combines unique flower photographs and beautiful live harp music.

It provides a forum for participants to reflect on:

  • their balance between constant activity and meaningful introspection.
  • achieving greater clarity about important areas of their life and work.
  • how the use of therapeutic art and music contributes to the healing process, as well as how it helps shift consciousness and transforms the world.

About Tami Briggs…

About Bernie Saunders…
Bernie is an artist, author, educator and consultant, and has worked in the human development field for over 30 years. He is the co-founder, with his wife Constance, of the Center for Living Art which provides learning opportunities for individuals, groups and organizations in bringing alive the creative and artistic brilliance of all people.

Bernie’s most recent art project, The Soul of Flowers, shows the magnificent inside world of nature, and is used to explore personal renewal and rejuvenation. Bernie’s most recent book is “The Grace of Ordinary Days.” His website is

What participants have said about The Power of Reflection program…
• “I felt so peaceful and rejuvenated after participating in this workshop.”
• “You both present with so much passion … it was an honor to be exposed to this exquisite work. Thank you!”
• “Bernie and Tami’s work is deep, beautiful, peaceful, and speaks to the soul. Just exactly what I needed from my every-day busy-ness.”
• “I felt hopeful when I finished your presentation.”
• “The flower images were so touching and provocative … I have never seen anything like this before. They really stirred my creativity.”
• “The harp music helped quiet me, creating a healing, sacred time and place.”
• “I really needed this workshop! It was all about self-care and made me realize how depleted I was. This was so nurturing and I loved the replenishing energy that came from this seminar. Now, I feel like I have something to give others.”

Program Structure Presentation is experiential and includes:

  • Lecture, interactive discussion, questions and answers.
  • Meditative, live harp music while multi-media viewing of unique flower images.
Target Audience
  • Health care providers (eg., nurses, doctors, chaplains and pastoral care, social workers, etc.)
  • Patients and families/caregivers
  • Volunteers
  • Bereavement and grief/loss counselors
  • Women’s groups
  • Support groups
  • Cancer survivor groups
  • Church groups (eg., BeFrienders, Stephens Ministry, etc.)
Suggested Scheduling
  • National health care conferences
  • State health care conferences
  • Stress reduction/relaxation sessions
  • Days of wellness or holistic health
  • Workshops on self-care
  • Support and survivor’s groups
  • Women’s retreats
  • Church retreats
Length One hour to half-day.

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