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Art (and Music) as Activism

60 minutesWe are regular viewers of 60 Minutes, are you?! They always have interesting feature stories – one of which is usually about the arts or culture. One of our recent favorites was about a Chinese artist named Ai Weiwei. In the segment, he said, “An artist is always an activist” and “If art is relevant, it is political.” We found these very thought-provoking and certainly made us think about how our “art” (actually music) is activism. I would say it’s about peace and harmony. How can our music contribute to world peace? And does our music make a political statement? Well, we try very hard not to get political, although that is challenging when we are NOT aligned with the current “leadership” and chanigans. Nevertheless, we certainly hope our music makes a peaceful statement.


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The Princess Diana Exhibit

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to go through the Princess Diana Celebration exhibit at the Mall of America. It was an amazing display, stunningly beautiful. And you could certainly feel her dear energy throughout the exhibit.

I was aware of the music:

  • “Trumpet Voluntary” played over and over in the room with her spectacular wedding dress and the 25-foot train.
  • In the next room was Elton John singing “Candle in the Wind” at her funeral.

In different places in the exhibit you could hear both at the same time. While this wasn’t necessarily pleasing to the ears, it was an audio expression of her short, complex life. The music helped bring up a range of emotions – from anticipation and excitement to see her wedding dress to deep sorrow about her too-soon departure from Earth to gratitude for her important contribution to world peace. Princess Diana was truly a healer … what a beautiful role model for all of us.


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An organization doing wonderful work–Global Health Ministries

I met the Office Manager of Global Health Ministries (GHM) last September when our exhibit tables were next to each other at a SE Lutheran Women’s Convocation. She asked me to play the harp yesterday for the 25th Anniversary Celebration of GHM. It was wonderful to be present with this dynamic organization and I learned about the history, as well as future plans. I also learned that I want to get involved as a volunteer!

For some time, I’ve been asking the Universe for an opportunity to combine my love of international relations, therapeutic music, travel, and healing into an organization or specific role to make a bigger impact. Well, as of yesterday, I may have found it! Global Health Ministries is an organization where love and compassion are channeled for the health and hope of people around the world. They do this by enhancing healthcare programs in other countries, specifically by shipping medical equipment and supplies to individuals/countries with the greatest need. I believe the GHM motto says it all: “Helping the Hands that Heal.” Click here for more information.


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I’m the FRIEND You Expected!

Often in my presentations, I mention my experience living in Switzerland as an IFYE (International Four-H Youth Exchange or sometimes we referred to ourselves as I‘m the Fool You Expected, depending on the day and culture shock!!).

One of the IFYE alumni members recently went to Iraq to set up 4-H clubs across the country, giving children and young people something positive and hopeful to focus on. I am deeply inspired by this special project and now see possibilities that healing can happen from a very different angle!

If you are interested in learning more, click here and go to p. 4 and 5. Perhaps the IFYE acronym should also be I‘m the FRIEND You Expected!

Here’s to holding the vision of world peace … bringing a youth development/leadership organization to a worn-torn region is an important first step.


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