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Alert: Special Newsweek Edition!

spiritual-livingHave you seen the recent Special Newsweek Edition called “Spiritual Living“? Honestly, I haven’t had an opportunity to read this issue yet, but it’s on the top of my list. As I’ve thumbed through it, I don’t believe there’s a specific article about music and healing, but just to see all the other holistic modalities … awesome!! And wow … we continue to go more and more mainstream … such exciting times, indeed!

Let us know if you’ve read it and what you think…




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Happy Thanksgiving!

This holiday is a special time to reflect on gratitude. Here’s a few things I am deeply grateful for:

  • Your continued support.
  • Continuing to play bedside vigils at a local hospital.
  • Sharing the special message of music, hope and healing at numerous healthcare conferences throughout the year.
  • Sharing my music with thousands via this website and in retail stores.
  • Having an opportunity to be with my family at this special time.

Have a lovely Thanksgiving!

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